CS Credit Report it’s at the heart of the Clear Score product.
As part of a larger engagement assessment it became clear that making the report more engaging and user friendly was the way to go. The hypothesis was that this would lead users to discover other CS features, convert better and ultimately get a grip on their finances.
Soon enough we realised,  the task at hand was more than just a quick cosmetic treatment or change of CTA size.
To be able to achieve our goals it would require rethinking the all thing, from outside of the box, from the user perspective.

There’s a lot more to this story. Unfortunately, I can’t share any of the research data here. :)

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Lead Product Designer.
I like to think, design-wise, I led this project from beginning to end. Collaborating and sponsoring early research, organising whiteboard sessions, sketching, prototyping and testing, delivery and asset production, producing specifications and contributing componets to the CS design system. Although this almost sounds like one man’s band, I heavily relied on my team for input, feedback, advise and validation, this was a masssive team effort, I was just lucky to able to lead it and be very hands on.


“I have worked with many passionate and talented designers over the years but none that combine the two more effectively than Jose. Bringing together a depth of knowledge and willingness to research, ask questions and get stuck in, Jose can break down even the most vague or complex brief and produce amazingly simple results, which in turn create great digital experiences.

Jose has been instrumental to the success of a number of high profile projects within Sky and has managed to bring our creative principles to life. Along with his technical aptitude Jose is also a well liked and extremely valued member of our team.

Ash Clay UX Lead –  via Linkedin

Concept phase.

This is my favourite part. Explore, explore, explore! And if can, I explore a bit more. It’s time to go big and draw badly. Quick, to not let the ideas escape. Here’s where the craft of solving a problem lives, before start converging into what ultimately will become a release candidate.


Prototyping is a large part of my process.
I prototype often and early to test interactive patterns and to develop motions specs.
Every new crazy, or not so crazy idea is quickly prototyped early in the design process to avoid disappointment later. This helps to identify patterns which don’t work and refine the ones that do. An interactive prototype is instrumental in delivery as it helps the dev team understand the pattern and how to properly implement it.

CS Report Overview.

Old gives way to new.